Conference Agenda Overview

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Thursday, June 4

Friday, June 5
9:00 am (CEST-Italy official time)

10:00 am (EEST – Romania official time)

Plenary session 

Opening ceremony & Keynotes presentation

9:00 am (CEST)/

10:00 am EEST

Parallel sessions
12:00 (CEST) / 13:00 (EEST) Parallel sessions


12:00 (CEST) / 13:00 (EEST) Parallel sessions

Information Regarding Online Presentations

  • The conference will be held entirely online using Zoom conferencing platform.
  • Participants registered with online presentation (presenters) will be automatically invited (by receiving a link and a password) to the conference sessions where their presentation is programmed.
  • Other participants, who are not scheduled to present during a certain time slot, may opt to participate to one of the parallel sessions. Organizers will collect participants options before the conference starts – on Tuesday, June 2nd and Wednesday, June 3rd – and will deliver individual invitations (link and password) according to participants options.
  • During the conference, participants are kindly requiredto attend a certain activity 5 minutes before the starting time. Please enter your conference room with the camera and the microphone turned-off. If you want to intervene, please click the “raise hand” button. Enable (open) your camera and microphone only when you are nominally invited to intervene by the session moderator.
  • Participants registered with online presentations are kindly asked to send their presentation visual support (PowerPoint file) until Wednesday, June 3rd, 15:00 /16:00 at the following address:
  • To further improve efficiency and avoid possible technical problems the submitted PowerPoint file will be displayed on the screen by the conference organizing teamat the time of the presentation, and the presenter will get the control of the application.
  • Participants will have 10 minutes to present their paper.

Information Regarding Poster Presentations

  • Details regarding the plenary session and the papers presented as posters will be provided soon.
  • Participants registered with poster presentations are kindly asked to send their poster (PowerPoint file) until Wednesday, June 3rd, 15:00 /16:00 at the following address: .
  • The file will be available to all participants in a special section of the conference website.
  • Contact authors of the conference papers presented as Poster, are kindly required toinclude their e-mail in the poster and check frequently their inbox, during the entire conference and to be available to answer questions or respond to comments addressed by other conference participants, in relation to their paper.
  • Please note that the failure to submit the poster before the deadline indicate above, or the failure to respond to any messages in relation to the conference paper(s), will be treated as failure to attend the conference.