(in alphabetic order by first author)

Will the New Bridge over Danube Create a Tourism Sustainable Hub in the Urban Area of Brăila-Galați- Măcin?
Silviu Beciu, Armenița Georgiana Arghiroiu

The Role of the Nutrition Label in Shaping Students’ Eating Behaviour
Magdalena Bobe, Roxana Procopie and Robert Bumbac

Romania's Organic Food Market. Good Practices in Food Safety Management
Magdalena Bobe and Maria-Alexandra Toma

Wine Clusters in the Perceptions of Bulgarian Residents
Petyo Boshnakov, Georgi Marinov and Irina Kancheva

Obesity and Overweight as Economic Threats
Raluca-Ecaterina Brandabur, Daniel Moise, Bogdan Georgescu and Liliana Nicodim

Leadership Mastery - a Three-Dimensional Framework of Competences Based on Relationships
Andrei Cepoi, Vasile Dinu and Cristinel Vasiliu

The Validity of the College Model of Educational Management in Pre-Universitary Education in Romania
Razvan Ion Chitescu , Magdalena Ionel and Marius Nita

Citizens’ Perception toward the Public Institutions – Satisfaction Level
Razvan Ion Chitescu and Andreea Badaluta

The Interdependence between the Trilogy Risk-Cost-Value and Internal Control
Elena Condrea, Ionela Munteanu Florea and Marioara Mirea

Case Study on the Reorganization of Companies with the Application of Haircuts on Receivables
Elena Condrea, Cristina Stroie and Marioara Mirea

Sustainable Strategies of International Retailers in Attracting Young Consumers (Generation Z)
Dan-Cristian Dabija and Brîndușa Mariana Bejan

Cybersecurity Educational Programs: Costs and Benefits
Daniel Dumitru and Tiberiu Ion

The Econometric Modelling of Romania’s Foreign Trade with Developing Countries
Calcedonia Enache and Ionuț Silviu Beia

Using the UTAUT2 Model to Determine Factors Affecting Adoption of Cloud Computing Applications
Mihai Felea, Irina Albăstroiu and Bogdan Georgescu

ICT and Environmental Indicators for Green Growth in Bulgaria
Teodoro Gallucci, Giovanni Lagioia, Vera Amicarelli, Vesselina Dimitrova and Mariana Kaneva

Comparative Analysis of the Romanian and Luxembourgish Healthcare Systems
Adriana Grigorescu and Bradley Christopher De Freitas

Application of Environmental Assessment in Automotive Industry
Jakub Grygiel, Katarzyna Joachimiak-Lechman, Zenon Foltynowicz

The Implications of a Mandatory rPET Content in the Soft Drinks Plastic Bottles from an Industry – Retail –Consumer Relations Perspective
Anca Gabriela Ilie and Alexandru Jurconi

Romanian Food Waste Analysis
Dumitru Ionel and Burghiu Alexandru-Gabriel

An Overview on the Development of Green Economy in the Hotel Industry
Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu, Mihail Ovidiu Tănase and Diana Dumitru (Zolotoi)

Romanian Perspectives and Challenges in Posting of Workers Directives
Cristina Lincaru, Speranta Pirciog and Adriana Grigorescu

Framework for Measuring Product Innovation to Support Sustainable Development
Dorin Maier, Marieta Olaru, Mihaela Maftei and Andreea Maier

The Concept of Auditor Independence Revisited
Mihaela Mocanu

Early Stage Financiers in Romania
Cristian Teodor Negruțiu, Laurențiu Tăchiciu and Cristinel Vasiliu

PGI and PDO Logos and Products in the Romanian Market; An Exploratory Study
Puiu Nistoreanu, Mihail Tănase-Ovidiu and Gheorghe Georgica

Developing Food Supply in Accordance to Customers’ New Exigencies
Rodica Pamfilie, Robert Bumbac and Roxana Procopie

Transforming Bucharest into a Smart City
Gabriel Cristian Sabou, Răzvan Daniel Zota and Irina Maiorescu

Organic Production in Romania. Perspectives in European Context
Silvius Stanciu, Roxana Sârbu, Cezar Ionut Bichescu, Deniz Züngün

Food Retail in Romania. Market overview
Silvius Stanciu, Oana Alexandra Vochin, Maria-Alexandra Sârbu and Bogdan Dumitrache Bratoveanu

Romanian Employees’ Perception on Their Own Work-Life Balance – Evidences from Tourism Industry
Olimpia State, Claudia-Elena Țuclea, Andreea Marin-Pantelescu and Mirela Diaconescu

Research on the Innovation Activity in Romanian Travel Agencies
Olimpia State, Mădălina-Lavinia Țală, Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu and Nicolae Lupu

The Urban Development Index - A Proposal for the Romanian Cities
Vasile Strat, Marius Neacșu and Daniel Zgură

A Chinese Business: The Belt and Road Initiative
Sorin-George Toma, Andreea Simona Săseanu and Cristian Teodor

The Influence of Financial Auditor on the Earnings Management Process: Mandatory Application of IFRS for the First Time in Romania
Carmen Țurlea, Laura Brad, Florin Dobre and Ioan Codrut Turlea

An Analysis of Operational Risk Management Guidelines in Various Banking Systems from Asia
Eugeniu Țurlea and Mihaela Mocanu

The Prevalence of Emotional Criteria in Food Choice - the Main Source of Imbalance in the Eating Behaviour of the Young Consumers from Romania
Lelia Voinea, Dorin Vicentiu Popescu, Teodor Mihai Negrea, Razvan Dina and Alina Filip