Online Session OL 1

Friday - 31st of May   - 11:00 - 11:50  

Development of sustainable and responsible business in the context of globalization
Chairs: Irina Gabriela Maiorescu and Smaranda Giușcă

Detecting Biases in the News Reporting Across Countries and their Implications for
Kejo Starosta, Cristian Bogdan Onete and Sonia Budz

Study on European Funding Programmes for Sustainable Development
Katrin Marquardt, Marieta Olaru and Ann-Kathrin Arp

Effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Israeli Labor Market
Elisa Gotesman Bercovici, Adrian Bercovici

Improving Service Management in Tourist Accommodation Units from Maramureș County
Iuliana Luchian and Cristian-Eugen Luchian

New Trends in Measuring Sustainable Business
Ann-Kathrin Arp, Doru-Alexandru Pleșea and Raphael Murswieck

Online Session OL 2

Friday - 31st of May   - 12:00 - 12:50 

Toward more accountable, transparent and sustainable business
Chairs: Irina Gabriela Maiorescu and Smaranda Giușcă

Study on Performance Evaluation of Services Provided in a Public Hospital
Claudia Cristina Ploscaru, Daniela Victoria Popescu, Cătălin Ștefan Rotea and Monica Logofătu

Green Bonds - Form of Ecological Projects Funding
Anisoara Niculina Apetri, Camellia Catalina Mihalciuc

Topical Trends Within the Development of Financial Planning in an Enterprise
Mária Ďurišová, Alžbeta Kucharčíková and Emese Tokarčíková

Measuring and Reporting Non-Financial Performance of Socially Responsible Companies
Camellia Catalina Mihalciuc, Anișoara Anișoara Niculina Apetri

Establishment of a Practical Study Regarding the Digitization and IT-Readiness of German Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Kerem Sargut, Ioana Ceaușu and Adrian Iordache

Online Session OL 3

Friday - 31st of May   - 13:00 - 14:00 

Addressing new economic and societal challenges
Chairs: Simona-Lelia Voinea and Alina-Elena Iosif

Dynamics of Digital Component Indicators of People's Quality of Life in Russia in 2015 – 2017
Mikhail Maslov and Sergey Petrov

Introducing a New Technical Indicator Based on Octav Onicescu Informational Energy and Compare It with Bollinger Bands for S&P 500 Movement Predictions
Alexandru Daia, Stelian Stancu and Oana Madalina Popescu

The Effect of Remittances on Economic Growth in the Emerging Countries of the European Union
Georgeta Soava, Anca Mehedintu and Mihaela Sterpu

Options for Sustainable Resource Strategies in the EU: the Case of Forest Policy
Ovidiu Andrei Cristian Buzoianu, Amelia Diaconu, Marcela Mitriță and Cristina Dima

The Decisive Factors on Environmental Security
Cătălina Sitnikov, Anca Băndoi, Camеlia-Maria Olari Pеrju and Ionuț Riza

E-Governance Can Promote Transparency in Public Administration?
Marius-Constantin Profiroiu, Sorin Burlacu, Cristina Alpopi and Ghenadie Ciobanu

Online Session OL 4

Friday - 31st of May   - 14:00 - 15:00 

Addressing new economic and societal challenges
Chairs: Simona-Lelia Voinea and Alina-Elena Iosif

Risk Assessment Matrix for Food Safety
Alina Stancu, Radu Antohe and Nicolae Suvorov

Consumer Willingness to Eat Traditional Products
Nicodim Liliana, Gheorghe Georgica and Bogdan Gabriel Nistoreanu

Young Romanian Farmers’ Perceptions Regarding Sustainable Agriculture
Adina Cristea, Narcis Alexandru Bozgă, Victor Dumitrel Tiţa and Claudiu- Cătălin Munteanu

Risk Management in Agriculture under the Climate Change
Bianca Georgiana Olaru and Cristian-Silviu Bănacu

The Bakery Sector of Romania – Present, Challenges and Perspectives in the Context of Increasing Competitiveness
Laurentiu Radu

Romanian Consumers’ Consumption of Green Products
Mario Pagliacci, Adriana Manolică, Teodora Roman and Gabriela Boldureanu

Online Session OL 5

Friday - 31st of May   - 15:00 - 16:00 

Sustainable value creation through Competencybased Education New Technologies and Business Model Innovation
Chairs: Simona-Lelia Voinea and Alina-Elena Iosif

Approach of the Employability in Europe from the Perspective of Education and Training
Carmen Valentina Rădulescu, Sorin Perică Angheluță, Maria Loredana Popescu and Mihaela Diana Negescu Oancea

The European Union’s Approach on Youth Unemployment
Grigore Belostecinic, Florina Bran, Carmen Valentina Radulescu and Dumitru-Alexandru Bodislav

Opportunities for Feminine Leadership in the European Union
Andreea Simona Săseanu, Simona Ioana Ghiţă, Sorin George Toma and Cristina Rodica Boboc

The Importance of International Exchange Programs in Students Success Mindset and Integration within the Economic-Business Context
Gabriela Țigu and Carmen Vlăsceanu

Study on Relationship among Reward, Work Productivity and Employees’ Performance
Cătălin Ștefan Rotea , Claudiu George Bocean , Claudia Cristina Ploscaru and Monica Logofătu

Patterns in Youth Tourism among EU Countries
Cristina Burlăcioiu, Cristina Boboc and Simona Ioana Ghiță