Call for papers

Globalization and technological advances are shaping a new economy, accelerating societal changes and raising sustainability concerns. The twenty first century has begun under the aegis of transformations and tensions which affect business and consumption patterns alike. These transformations come with new opportunities, but also with new threats, challenging the society capacity to foresee mutations, to make responsible choices for the future, to creatively conciliate aspirations with possibilities and resources. All these call for scholars contribution to identifying new trends, assessing implications, providing new paradigms and practical solutions, informing policy makers and business leaders, as well as to accelerating new knowledge dissemination.The Conference "New trends in sustainable business and consumption" intends to become a recurrent international forum for sharing researchers most recent findings or thoughts about the transformative impact on the economy of new business practices and consumption behavior.Organizers of the Basiq 2017 conference invite researchers to provide contributions in form of original research papers, case studies or essays, in particular on the following topics:

  • socio-demographic trends; imagining and anticipating societal futures;
  • constructing modern knowledge: competency based education and new ways of capacity building;
  • key new technologies in the 21st century (big data, identity management, nano-, electric vehicles, 3D printing, new products and advanced materials, etc.); adoption, acceptance, and diffusion of emerging technologies;
  • driving value for business and consumers through business model innovation; new market interactions, open innovation and collaboration networks;
  • new consumers values, attitudes and behaviors; new approaches in creating a culture of quality;
  • emerging risks and changes in consumer rights

Interdisciplinary and cross section contributions are welcomed.